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English Song Lyrics - Herbert Groenemeyer - Hold me (Halt mich)

These are english lyrics for the Song “hold me” (halt mich) by Herbert Groenemeyer, directly translated from the german lyrics by a professional translator. These are NOT the original english lyrics by Herbert Groenemeyer himself! Comparing these Lyrics to the original english version, this direct translation would win. It matches best the original meaning of the german lyrics. But decide yourself comparing these two versions.

HOLD ME (Halt mich)

take dreams for hard cash
indulge in fantasies
have cought myself in you
dont know whats happening to me
warming to youre voice
resting in your arms
hold me
just a little while
till i fall asleep
feeling secure with you
betting my heart on you
want to cherish every moment
for all eternity
its good to lean against you
and youve got happiness in excess
to you i yield submissively
and find solace in you.
im beside myself with joy
want to perish with your slowly
weightlessly loose myself in you
cover me with tenderness
take me, dont hesitate - the night is short
completly overwhelmed by you
it's wonderfull to be with you.
come on, tell me something
just chat with me
i want to fill up on your voice
always be with you
refuel me with your life
let me be within your arms
hold me
just a little while
till i fall asleep
ohh hold me
till i fall asleep

Thanks to "KWLDresden" on YouTube for the translation and sharing with the Net! Go visit her Page on YouTube and Rate/Comment on her work. (

Axel Werner 2010-10-15 19:47

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