How to add more system information and color to your virtual terminals and shells with "screenfetch"

You might have seen screenfetch or similar tools like bginfo (winblows only) before. But how to install them so that they provide constant use to every user on a system. Here is how i did it for my virtual consoles (text based pre login environment). Thanks to cron it runs every minute and updates the /etc/issue file, which is then displayed on every console.

Installation to display on local virtual consoles/terminals:

  1. Install screenfetch :
    apt install screenfetch -y
  2. Install screenfetch as a cronjob:
    echo '* * * * * root echo "\l\n$(screenfetch)" > /etc/issue' >> /etc/crontab
  3. wait 1-2 minutes and check out your virtual console by pressing the keys CTRL+ALT+F1-F8 (F1 + F2 may be graphical environments on some distros. go use F3 and higher then.) Press ENTER key to see the updated login prompt.

Installation on interactive shells / on opening graphical terminals:

  1. Simply add screenfetch to your system wide bashrc /etc/bash.bashrc :
    echo "screenfetch" >> /etc/bash.bashrc
  2. The next time you open up an interactive shell it will pop up.

Axel Werner 2019-02-10 12:57

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